• To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting, relaxing way
  • To serve the community and humanity in Croatia, through golfing
  • To promote international understanding and peace
  • To support all Rotary Golf events organised by the GFR countries within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • To recruit Rotarian Golfers to join our Golfing Fellowship
  • To inform them about all upcoming golf events worldwide
  • To encourage Rotary clubs in Croatia to organise Golf events in their region


Vladimir Kovacevic



Zelimir Feitl


Emilijo Zubrinic


Ratimir Oreskovic

PR & Communication

Croatians are strong! Croatians play great golf! Croatians are winners!
Look at Rtn Zelimir Feitl, who became the 2018 World champion by winning the Carl Miller Trophy at the 55th IGFR World Championship in Tallinn last July.

Rotary and Golf are doing well in Croatia. Even the president of the Croatian Golf Federation (Hrvatski Golf Savez), Emilijo Zubrinic, became Rotarian and attended as newcomer the big event in Estonia.

Both Rotarians took up their responsibility to further develop golf amongst Rotarians in Croatia and followed Rtn Vladimir Kovacevic to establish a Golfing Fellowship in our country! Rtn Ratimir Oreskovic, also an active participant in different IGFR tournaments in the past, joined the new board.

We are extremely happy to announce that GFR Croatia is born! This is our short history!
We are ready for take off, to extend our Rotarian golfers network and to promote lots of Rotary golf events in Croatia.

GFR Croatia is now an official representative of GFR Europe and IGFR.

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