• To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting, relaxing way
  • To serve the community and humanity in Latvia, through golfing
  • To promote international understanding and peace
  • To support all Rotary Golf events organised by the GFR countries within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • To recruit Rotarian Golfers to join our Golfing Fellowship
  • To inform them about all upcoming golf events worldwide
  • To encourage Rotary clubs in Latvia to organise Golf events in their region
Aleksandr Petrov


Galina Davydova


Aleksandr Golovanov


Anton Lysenkov

PR & Communication

Today we are happy to announce that the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – Latvia has now been established.
Four fellow Rotarians took up their responsibility: Aleksander Petrov, Galina Davydov, Aleksander Golovanov and Anton Lysenkov. They are members of the recent chartered Rotary Jurmala Phoenix club.
They will promote the golfing fellowship throughout their country in the coming months and years.
They will motivate Rotary clubs and Rotarian golfers to organise local tournaments for fun and maybe also for raising funds for their social projects. This will also attract young Rotarian golfers to join the association.

We are extremely happy to announce that GFR Latvia is born! This is our short history!

We are ready for take off, to extend our Rotarian golfers network and to promote lots of Rotary golf events in Latvia.

GFR Latvia is now an official representative of GFR Europe and IGFR.

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