GFR Finland – The first official Nordic Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians!

2019 got a wonderful start as GFR Finland was founded in Tampere during the first board meeting on 21 of January this year.
The founder President is Rtn Risto Turunen from the Tampere-Jussinkylä Rotaryclub. 
Well known on the IGFR circuit is Rtn Antero Paalanen. Antero will be the secretary.
Rtn Pertti Mäntylä will take care of the money as the treasurer.
Another super motivated Rotarian golfer, Rtn Antti Virtanen, joined also the board.
Rtn Niko Niemi will start up public relations and will be the communication manager.
Let’ say: the webmaster for GFR Finland.
Congratulations to all of them. Especially to Antero Paalanen who prepared the first meeting.
Antero will also be the chairman of the organizing committee of the 47th European Open Championship that will take place in Vierumäki from 16th till 21st of August 2021.
This will be a particular great encounter of all our fellow Rotarian golfers from all over Europe and abroad!
GFR Finland has already more than 150 Rotarian golfers!

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