Luc Salens, from rabbit to President

May 1991.
Both of us, discovering for the first time, the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians, by attending the 18th European Rotary Golf Championship at the famous Ryder Cup-course of the Belfry in England.
Only three years after my wife and I had started playing golf!
Still ‘rabbits’, but what a great experience it was to meet so many fellow Rotarian golfers coming from abroad, all having fun and enjoying the game of the sports that we loved and still love.

Only one year later. April 1992.
Our friends stimulated us to participate also in the 29th IGFR World Championship in La Quinta, California.
A trip to the United States that we’ll never forget.
Totally unexpected, and quite a mission impossible. Ingrid won the ‘Ichiro Hattori Trophy’ by achieving the best net score in the partners’ category. My wife ‘world champion’ in her division!? Could you believe?

At the same time we got acquainted with famous personalities, like the late Rtn Gavin Reekie from Scotland, founder of IGFR, and with IGFR President at that time, from USA, Rtn. Jim Hackler, and the so many other dedicated Rotarian Golfers. They gave us unforgettable feelings and a strong craving to further attend these wonderful and always very well organized encounters.

And so continued our story of golf and fellowship amongst Rotarian Golfers.
Year after year until today, discovering beautiful countries, exquisite golf courses and enjoying memorable events from east to west, from north to south.
Ingrid and I attended, from 1991 till today, 18 World and 11 European championships. 29 in total, in 29 venues all over the world. 29 amazing experiences to enjoy the Rotary Golfing Fellowship at her best.

As a passionate life time member of the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians and as the new president of the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians in Europe, it is my task to think and to help our famous fellowship to further grow and expand.

My sincere thanks go to our founder President, Rtn Gaston Barras, and to my predecessor the great Romano Motta. Throughout the years, both fellow Rotarians have built and expanded our fellowship into a notable association.
GFR Europe has become the most powerful Rotary Golfing Fellowship within IGFR.
We must be proud of that and continue our efforts to further strengthen this precious fellowship on our continent!
It is a great honor for me, and also a pleasure, that I can chair GFR Europe for the coming 3 years and preserve the legacy of their wonderful work

The main objective is that every Rotarian golfer in the world should know that there exists a Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians, and that they should join it. This website, is a medium to achieve that goal. It offers a great platform to all the existing Golfing Fellowships operating in the so many countries and it will give a forum to new GFR associations.
Every new idea and good suggestion is hearty welcome!
Thanking you to spend some time with me to think about the future of our fellowship.

I am happy to share this moment with you!
Yours in Rotary

Luc Salens

Member RC Maldegem – RI District 1620 – Belgium – Europe
President Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – Europe 2018-2020

September 2018

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