• To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting, relaxing way
  • To serve the community and humanity, through golfing
  • To promote international understanding and peace
  • To ensure the organisation of the annual European Rotary Golf Open Championship (EOC)
  • To support all Rotary Golf events organised by the GFR countries within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • To encourage Rotarian golfers to start up a Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians in their country
  • To recruit Rotarian Golfers to join our Golfing Fellowship
  • To inform them about all upcoming golf events worldwide for free
Gaston Barras

Founder & Honorary President (1931-2021)

Luc Salens


Jean-Paul Rey

Vice President

Romano Motta

Past President

Andrea Oddi

IGFR President 2022-2024

Luc Salens



Paul Smitz


Jean-Paul Rey


Linda Bel

Communications officer

Marie Jehlickova


José Maria Echevarria


Tone Glavan


Dominique Perrot


Ulrich Dörner

President GFR Austria

Thierry Koch

President GFR Belgium/Luxemburg

Vladimir Kovacevic

President GFR Croatia

Rein Leipalu

President GFR Estonia

Risto Turunen

President GFR Finland

Dominique Perrot

President GFR France

Thomas Hasak

President GFR Germany

Francesco Tardella

President GFR Italy

Nick Breuls

President GFR The Netherlands

Tone Glavan

President GFR Slovenia

José Maria Echevarria

President GFR Spain

Jean-Paul Rey

President GFR Switzerland

Trevor Johnson

President GFR UK

The International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians

In 1963, Gavin Reekie, as Governor Nominee for district 101, attended the World Assembly at Lake Placid in New York State and at the final banquet was seated along with his wife Connie, at the table of the incoming World President Carl Miller. Carl’s theme for the year ahead was “Meeting Rotary’s Challenge in the Space Age” and promoted the idea of Matched Districts.

Gavin related the wonderful golfing liaison between District 101 and District 728 and the Jackson Christy Porridge Bowl Trophy, and suggested, to further the World theme ‘matched districts’, that Carl should develop this golfing fellowship on a WORLD basis.

Carl responded: “Gavin, I want you good people in Scotland to organize a similar competition between Districts on World basis and I will provide you with a suitable trophy. I will be in Scotland in two months time.
Let me have your ideas and we will finalize the details then.”

This meeting took place at Gleneagles hotel, Scotland, on the 17th August 1963.
Carl was then the World President of Rotary International and Gavin was District Governor of District 101. Also present at the meeting where William Carter, President of R.I.B.I. and Willie Mc Aslam, Governor of District 102, the only other District in Scotland at that time. Based on Carl Miller’s team “Meeting Rotary’s Challenge in the Space Age” and after much discussion the well known Jewellers, A & C. Cairns-Cross, Perth, Scotland, produced a suitable design.

The Carl Miller Trophy continues to be the centerpiece of the many trophies and awards which have grown through the years. The Trophy cost 256 English pounds in 1964, which was paid by President Carl and continues today as the most coveted of the IGFR trophies both for its intrinsic value as well as its meaning to fellow golfing rotarians.
Gavin Reekie presented the runner-up trophy and it continues today. Both are emblematic of the Space Age team of President Carl.

The rules and the number of participants have changed considerably since the first world tournament was held at St. Andrews, Scotland. There were 47 entrants and 10 countries represented. In 1998 there were over 500 Rotarians and guests, with more than 400 golfers in Pinehurst from 28 countries.
At the 1997 meeting of the Board of Directors, a decision was made to incorporate the stableford system to determine winners of many different groups and the 1998 Pinehurst venue was the first occasion to use this scoring system. Nowadays the Championships are played between Rotarian golfers (men and ladies) and three handicap divisions were introduced.

GFR Europe        48 years of History (1974- 2022)

A shorter story, but already 46 European Rotary Golf Open Championships organised!

At the 1974 World Championship in St. Andrews, IGFR founder member Gaston F. Barras (Switzerland) met his two friends Armand Delvaux (Luxemburg) and Francesco Folonari (Italy), and at his suggestion they decided to create the European Rotary Golf Championships. The first of these took place at Crans-sur-Sierre (CH) in 1975.

In 2014, after more than 40 years having lead the GFR Europe, Romano Motta from Italy became his successor.

“My sincere thanks go to our founder President, Gaston Barras, and to my predecessor the great Romano Motta. Throughout the years, both have built and expanded our fellowship into a notable association.
Proud that GFR Europe has become the most powerful Rotary Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians within IGFR.
We will continue our efforts to further strengthen this precious fellowship on our continent!
It is a great honor for me, and also a pleasure, that I can chair GFR Europe for the coming  years and preserve this wonderful legacy. Unfortunately, Gaston passed away after a short illness on March 7th 2021, a few months before his 90th birthday.” 

Luc Salens – GFR Europe president 2018-2024.


IGFR World Championships

1964 EUR SCOTLAND - St Andrews
1965 EUR SCOTLAND - St Andrews
1966 N.AM USA - Texas - Houston
1967 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
1968 N.AM USA - Califiornia - Paim Springs
1969 EUR SWEDEN - Tylosand
1970 EUR ITALY - Venezia
1971 AUS AUSTRALIA - Melbourne
1972 N.AM USA - Texas - Houston
1973 EUR FRANCE - Evian-les-Bains
1974 EUR SCOTLAND - St Andrews
1975 N.AM USA - North Carolina - Pinehurst
1976 N.AM USA - Hawaii - Maui
1977 EUR LUXEMBURG - Luwemburg
1978 AFR SOUTH-AFRICA - Hermanus
1979 N.AM USA - California - Pebble Beach
1980 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
1981 N.AM PUERTO RICO - San Juan
1982 N.AM CANADA - British Columbia - Victoria
1983 N.AM USA - South Carolina - Myrtle Beach
1984 EUR SCOTLAND - Gleneagles
1985 AUS AUSTRALIA - Melbourne
1986 N.AM USA - Idaho - Sun Valley
1987 ASIA JAPAN - Ito
1988 EUR FRANCE - Biarritz
1989 N.AM USA - Hawaii - Maui
1990 EUR ITALY - Monticello
1991 N.AM USA - Texas - The Woodlands
1992 N.AM USA - California - La Quinta
1993 AFR SOUTH-AFRICA - Capa Town
1994 EUR ENGLAND - The Belfry
1995 N.AM USA - South Carolina - Kiawah Island
1996 AUS AUSTRALIA - Gold Coast
1997 EUR GERMANY - Bad Griesbach
1998 N.AM USA - North Carolina - Pinehurst
1999 EUR IRELAND - Killarney
2000 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
2001 EUR ENGLAND - Liverpool
2002 EUR PORTUGAL - Estoril
2003 AFR SOUTH-AFRICA - Sun City
2004 N.AM USA - North Carolina - Charlotte
2005 AUS AUSTRALIA - Gold Coast
2006 ASIA TURKEY - Antalya - Belek
2008 N.AM CANADA - Niagara Falls
2009 EUR AUSTRIA - Kitzbühel
2010 EUR FRANCE -Paris
2011 N.AM USA - North Carolina - Pinehurst
2012 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
2013 EUR ITALY - Franciacorta - Garda lake
2014 AUS AUSTRALIA - Adelaide
2015 ASIA TURKEY - Antalya - Belek
2017 N.AM CANADA - British Columbia - Victoria
2018 EUR ESTONIA - Tallinn
2019 EUR GERMANY - Hamburg
2020 NO CHAMPIONSHIP due to Covid-19
2021 NO CHAMPIONSHIP due to Covid-19
2022 AFR MOROCCO - Marrakech
2023 EUR ITALY - Rome

GFR European Championships

1975 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
1976 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
1977 EUR ITALY - Florence
1978 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
1979 EUR FRANCE - Divonne-lez-Bains
1980 EUR GERMANY - Timmendorfer Strand
1981 EUR AUSTRIA - Wien
1982 EUR SPAIN - Marbella
1983 EUR FRANCE - Evian
1984 EUR BELGIUM - Knokke-Heist
1985 EUR ENGLAND - London
1986 EUR ITALY - Florence
1987 EUR SWEDEN - Tylound
1989 EUR AUSTRIA - Saalfelden
1991 EUR ENGLAND - Birmingham
1992 EUR FINLAND - Turku
1993 EUR ITALY - Florence
1994 EUR IRELAND - Asthione
1995 EUR PORTUGAL - Estoril
1996 AFR MOROCCO - Marrakesh
1997 EUR FRANCE - Deauville
1998 EUR ITALY - Florence
1999 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
2000 EUR SPAIN - Alicante
2001 EUR AUSTRIA - Kitzbühel
2002 EUR BELGIUM - Knokke-Heist
2003 EUR THE NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam
2004 EUR SWEDEN - Stockholm
2005 EUR DENMARK - Horsens
2006 EUR ITALY - Torino
2007 EUR GERMANY - St. Leon-Rot
2008 EUR ENGLAND - Liverpool
2009 ASIA TURKEY - Antalya - Belek
2010 EUR SWITZERLAND - Crans-sur-Sierre
2011 EUR ESTONIA - Tallinn
2012 EUR FRANCE - Strasbourg
2013 EUR PORTUGAL - Estoril
2014 EUR SLOVENIA - Bled
2015 AFR MOROCCO - Marrakesh
2016 EUR ITALY - Sicily - Ragusa
2017 EUR BELGIUM - Bruges
2018 EUR ITALY - Rimini
2019 EUR SPAIN - Tenerife
2020 NO CHAMPIONSHIP due to Covid-19
2021 NO CHAMPIONSHIP due to Covid-19
2022 EUR TURKEY - Belek/Antalya
2023 EUR SPAIN - Marbella
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