• To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting, relaxing way
  • To serve the community and humanity in Switzerland, through golfing
  • To promote international understanding and peace
  • To support all Rotary Golf events organised by the GFR countries within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • To recruit Rotarian Golfers to join our Golfing Fellowship
  • To inform them about all upcoming golf events worldwide
  • To encourage Rotary clubs in Switzerland to organise Golf events in their region
Gaston F. Barras

Honorary Founder President

Jean-Paul Rey



Carlo Munari


Tony Broghammer


Alfonso Passera


Andrea Neuhaus


The Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – Switzerland exists since the very early years of the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians. Quite logic, because of the fact that the great Rtn Gaston Barras from Crans-Montana was one of the founder of IGFR in 1964. In 1975, Gaston started up the European branch, EGFR, which recently became the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – Europe.

Imagine a plateau at 1500 meters high overlooking the Rhone valley and facing the highest peaks, from the Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc. On this majestic setting the pioneers built the first golf course in 1906. One of those heros who built and expanded the Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club was Gaston. He worked out with the most famous golf players and course architects like Jack Niklaus and Severiano Ballesteros, exciting  courses. The beautiful Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Course, including the famous 18th hole, named after its prestigious creator, Severiano Ballesteros. The Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club hosts since decades major events like the the annual Omega Open. Other golf star Jack Niklaus designated a pearl of a 9-holes course with Gaston.

Gaston Barras himself was also a good golfer and a brave Rotarian. It can not be a surprise that GFR Switzerland hosted one of the most international championships in its history. All were very successful and all participants enjoyed the setting, their golf and the fellowship!

The highlights of GFR Switzerlands history, most of them took place in Crans-sur-Sierre:

In 1967 the 4th IGFR World Championship
In 1975 the 1st European Rotary Golf Championship
In 1976 the 2nd European Rotary Golf Championship
In 1980 the 17th IGFR World Championship
In 1988 the 14th European Rotary Golf Championship in Ascona
In 1999 the 25th European Rotary Golf Championship
In 2000 the 37thIGFR World Championship
In 2010 the 36th European Rotary Golf Championship

In 2012 the 49th IGFR World Championship

The Swiss IGFR-Switzerland Rotarian Golf Championships were held in Crans-sur-Sierre
in the years 1964 until 1997.
Since 1998 the tournament takes place every year in another region of Switzerland.

Following a strong demand from the players, the championship has been held since 2002 on a 1-day event.
In this way the number of participants has increased considerably. In 2005, for 100 years Rotary International and for the 50th anniversary of GFR Switzerland in 2014, the championships were held over two days in Crans.

You can still surf on the original Swiss website:


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