• To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting, relaxing way
  • To serve the community and humanity in the UK, through golfing
  • To promote international understanding and peace
  • To support all Rotary Golf events organised by the Districts and clubs within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • To recruit Rotarian Golfers to join our Golfing Fellowship
  • To inform them about all upcoming golf events worldwide
  • To encourage Rotary clubs in the UK to organise Golf events in their region
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The Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians UK hasn’t had an official structure within GFR Europe or IGFR until now.

However the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians, IGFR, was founded at the birthplace of golf, at St.Andrews Scotland in 1964. From that time a world championship has been organised every year.

In 1964, 1965 and 1974 the championship took place at the old course of St. Andrews. In 1984, the 21st world championship took place at Gleneagles.

It has to be mentioned that separate from the IGFR championships, the Rotary Club of St.Andrews organises an international event for Rotarian golfers also every year. This club event is very much appreciated and makes an example of how Rotary clubs can promote the fellowship.

Great international championships have also been organised in England by very active Rotarian golfers as well.
In 1985 the 11th European Rotary Golf Championship took place in London.
In 1991 the 17th European Rotary Golf Championship took place at ‘Ryder Cup venue’ the Belfry in Birmingham.
In 1994 our English friends under the leadership of Rtn David Allsop organised the 31st IGFR World Championship at the Belfry again.

At that time Jaguar was the head sponsor of all international Rotary Golf Championships!

In 2001 the 38th IGFR World Championship was organised in Liverpool when Rtn John Bambery became the IGFR president at that time.
And finally in 2008, Liverpool was again the host venue, this time for the 34th European Open Championship.

Now, we are looking forward to find some young Rotarian Golfers to realize our aims and objectives and to help us promoting our fellowship throughout the country. GFR UK has now been established and will become a strong representative partner within our international Golfing Fellowship.

Looking forward to meet! Please contact us if you really love golf and fellowship!

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